We’re¬†asking for your support to keep Inside Nashville up and running. After meeting with podcast networks and advertisers it became clear to me that those worlds don’t sync up with the personality and integrity of Inside Nashville. My vision of a partnership had them looking at me like I was crazy. I remain open to a limited amount of advertising but it would have to be a product that I like, am comfortable promoting to my listeners, and the client would have to agree to giving me total control over production (as in just me talking). This has proven to be a deal breaker for all parties.

This puts me in the difficult position of asking for your support to cover ongoing production costs and maintain the integrity of the podcast. I’ve paid all costs for a year and a half’s worth of weekly episodes out-of-pocket and I’ve reached the point of needing help moving forward. If you enjoy Inside Nashville and want it to continue please think about supporting it with a donation of whatever amount you can.

Thank you very much….and thanks for listening!,