This week Tom sits with one of music’s most gifted singers…Maggie Rose. Maggie tells us about her journey took her to Nashville and she and Tom share some stories about there time working together in the very beginning of her career. They get into how Maggie has evolved as an artist and businesswoman and how she has taken control of her career with no Nashville label behind her. It is clear that Tom knows Maggie well and has great affection for her and great appreciation for her talent. He closes with two outstanding Maggie Rose songs.  This is one you shouldn’t miss…and be sure to share it with any friends that might be dreaming of a career in country music.  There is good, honest information here. If you weren’t a Maggie Rose fan before … this episode will change that.

2 comments on “Episode 52: A Conversation With One Of Music’s Most Gifted Singers….MAGGIE ROSE!

  1. I have been following Maggie Rose since she hit Nashville. This singer/songwriter is truly one of the best talents ever to hit the “Music City”. Listen to her and you will truly be transported to an exciting spot . Don’t want to be too effusive or it will ruin the credibility of my comments however I’m not sure what is best-her songwriting or that incredible voice…. Just find ANYTHING she has done (Full album/2 EP’s/CMT etc) and you will too become a fan.

    • Tom Moran Sep 6, 2017

      Agreed Bob!…and thanks for listening!

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