This week Tom sits with Nashville’s most successful and powerful independent promotion executive…Jeff Solima.  Jeff opens up about how he got his start in the business, his take on the state of things in today’s country music and radio businesses, and many of the artists he’s worked with (Chely Wright, Big & Rich, Sara Evans, Billy Ray, Zac Brown, and more). Jeff is very candid, informative, and entertaining. When you hear how good this is you will understand how it went long so Tom turned it into a two parter with part 2 coming next week. Tom closes with music from his favorite artist of the moment….Cody Jinks.  This is easily one Tom’s very best episodes.  You will only find honest content like this in one place…here at Inside Nashville!

Be forewarned….if use of the f-bomb in conversation offends you…pass on this episode

Indie Promo Kingpin, Jeff Solima

Indie Promo Kingpin, Jeff Solima

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